About Us

Historical Background

 "A sagittis hungarorum libera nos Domine!" (Modena, 924 A.D.) - in a rough translation: "Lord, save us from the arrows of the Hungarians".

For a long time that was about the only thing that came to most Hungarians mind about Hungarian archery. No wonder, with the introduction of firearms in the 16th century, archery in Hungary disappeared almost completely. What was left of it was not much more than fragments of bones and some rusty arrowheads buried along with their owners bodies in the 10th century. Yet still, it seems to be enough to reconstruct and revive this long lost tradition.

 The Hungarian Bowyers today
Today in Hungary, the traditional bowmaking craftsmanship is still alive thanks to a handful of masters like Kassai , Grozer, Toth-s ,Kovacs

These masters reproduce the authentic recurve bows found in 10th century graves by archeologists in the 1920s.
After understanding the design of the ancient Hungarian bow, these enthuastic bowmakers started to build their own personal traditional bows.

 Our Profile

Our store is dedicated to Traditional Archery. We specialize in Hungarian Handmade Recurve Bows and Accessories.

Customer focusing

We try to fulfill every customer wish, the customer can specify the technical parameters of the bows, like draw weight, draw lenght, size, color, decoration, and the overall design of the bow. Please contact us by e-mail: admin@classic-bow.com ;

Customer Service

Should you have any questions, need help or are interested in our traditional recurve bows, do not hesitate to contact us . We are always at your disposal.

Shipping & Delivery
The country of origin is Hungary.
We send parcels using trackable postal service. You get a tracking number upon shipping so you can check where your shipment is at any time.
From November 2012 all our shipments cost 45 USD to any country. *EU standard postal service does not accept insured packages for UK, Mexico, Canada and Norway. Some other countries may also be included. 
Returns & Replacements
Shipments are insured against damage or loss where applicable.* Please check the items on delivery and contact your local post office if goods are damages or missing. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information or mail.
We  accepted the major credit cards and Paypal.